Our Store

Socky Top is a family-friendly corporation that sells a variety of uniquely designed socks for people of all ages. Our socks are sourced from a wide range of quality vendors that make our customers smile. Customers can purchase from our website online or purchase their socks in our retail location. Our goal is to provide great customer satisfaction and make people around the world happy with our different colors and our silk-screened, funky designs. Our main target is mostly families or individuals.

We care about our customers, employees, and our society. We make sure our employees are in a safe environment and we live by the saying, “Treat others the way YOU’D want to be treated.” We carry a wide range of products from funky fun socks to medical and sports grade products, gifts, and other product lines that are great for feet!

We are designed for an open-front retail shop in a mall or shopping center or as a stand-alone building. We prefer to be located in or close to malls and larger shopping areas.

We sell:

  • Fun and wacky socks of all types for all ages
  • Medical socks and compression hosiery for diabetics, post-surgery, plus size as well as foot care products to reduce recovery time, pain, arthritis, and other conditions.
  • Sports and Team Socks – whether you’re playing on a team or showing school spirit, we got your feet covered!
  • Outdoors – socks for hiking, snowboarding, running, and other fun outdoor activities
  • Professional – socks and hosiery for the suit and tie crowd. We’ll do our best to make sure they have some fun!
  • Custom socks – fun for weddings, reunions, and other events. Get your face (or your logo) on your socks!
  • Beauty – we sell several lines of foot care and beauty supplies so you have soft and supple skin and sweetly manicured toenails. After all, you don’t want to snag your new socks!
  • Seasonal – with each season and holiday comes something new at Socky Top. This Christmas, we are planning on Christmas stockings, both empty and filled, and other sock-monkey themed items.
  • Specialty Items – we seek out and source quality foot, shoe, and foot-related products to provide a full range of care for your feet. You never know what awesome new item we’ll find to showcase!


We are seeking a retail space rental with parking in cities the size of Knoxville, Johnson City, Chattanooga, and Nashville. Our ideal store is 1000-2500 square feet. We will work with build-to-suit or self-build interior development options.

We require running water, electricity, wi-fi and will need one bathroom and a small kitchenette out of customer sight. Electrical equipment and plugs are retail-standard. We have no special items with large electrical needs.

It takes us 90-120 days from lease execution to complete the buildout, stock the store, train the staff, and soft open.

Vendor Selection

We are currently accepting vendor applications. We will maintain a wide variety of socks and are looking for quality vendors for socks and other feet-related items in the categories of fun/wacky, custom sock-making equipment, fun gifts, medical grade, sports grade/team, outdoor socks for hiking, and hobbies. We are open to specialty items such as dance tights, ballet shoes, foot care and related beauty products, and more.

To be considered as a vendor, please email christina@sockytop.com. Christina is managing our purchasing needs, including hand selecting our vendors and product lines. Tell us why your socks (or other feet products) would be PERFECT for our store! Please include contact and pricing information as well as a link to your catalog or website.